Is this a March?

Yes and no. This is a non-traditional March. 


Trained Marchers. Hundreds of marchers will be trained to register voters in the morning. They will partner up in pairs or small groups to March the Doors at 12:30. These Marchers will fan out from the city center, with assigned blocks in the neighborhood, to knock on doors, register voters, invite folks to the Grand Rally at 2:30, and ask them to sign up on our email list.


Census Marchers. For folks that have not attended the morning workshops, they have the opportunity to go in small groups to distribute door hangers about the census. These marchers do not have to knock on doors. Simply drop off information at the door. It is critical to ensure that hard-to-count communities are included in the census, as decision-makers use census data to determine which communities, schools, hospitals and roads need federal funding. Ahem, Middle Tennessee, let’s get a handle on our traffic:)


Visibility Marchers. Others will go from Civic Plaza to Broad Street to create visibility, wave signs, chant and make some noise.


Why are we marching?

We will be expanding the electorate, increasing civic engagement, and connecting individuals to organizations that can help transform Tennessee and win on our issues. 


What is the march route?

Marchers will go in pairs or small groups to a specific turf (neighborhood blocks) assigned to them. Marchers will fan out within a 15 minute walking distance from Civic Plaza.


Why is this in Murfreesboro?

Rutherford County is a vitally important area for progressive expansion in the state. There are roughly 700,000 rising american electorate who are single women, young people and people of color who are not registered to vote. We have hosted the last three Power Together Women’s Marches in Nashville. We thought we would change things up, and move this event to a place where our visibility could really matter. We have included, and are going beyond Nashville, to shift the culture towards more pro-people, pro-women values. 


How are you addressing accessibility issues?

Please contact jennifer2974@gmail.com if you have accessibility needs. 


What if I’m not comfortable canvassing/have limited mobility? 


As an alternative to March the Doors, there is an Action Headquarters at Walnut House. We will write letters and postcards to engage voters, write letters and postcards to legislators, make calls, textbank, create art, dialogue around strategy, and do some relational organizing - creating a digital march -  through social media! Read “Is this a March?” in the FAQ.


Where do we park?

There is free parking under Linebaugh Library/Civic Plaza 105 W. Vine Street and at the Rutherford County Judicial Center parking garage 224 N. Maple St. There is also street parking around our Women’s March Workshop venues: The Walnut House, Cultivate CoWorking, Social Exchange, City Cafe, Bradley Academy, and Center for the Arts.


Is there an event map? Where do I start the day?

Yes, an event map will be on the website soon and will be available at our event headquarters, Walnut House, 116 N. Walnut St., Murfreesboro, beginning at 8am  www.womensmarchtn.org 

What do we do if it’s raining? 

Bring your umbrellas, rain coats, and galoshes. The event will go on! We have several indoor venues and will move our event into our Action Headquarters at Walnut House.

How can I carpool or rideshare?  

We recommend using https://www.waze.com/carpool, https://rideshare.org/ridematching/ or https://www.waze.com/carpool to find a ride. You can also post a message on the Women’s March Tennessee-Power Together Facebook page to find a carpool.


Where do I register the day of the event?  When does registration start?

Registration starts at 8am at Walnut House 116 N. Walnut Street.

Pre-registration is highly recommended to save your space in venues with limited seating. 


Is there a fee for workshops? 



Will there be food vendors? 

*breakfast of muffins/donuts/coffee provided

*bag lunch provided

*some area restaurants are offering specials for participants


Where can I fill my water bottle?

*SOCM will have water stations for you to fill up your water bottles at Civic Plaza.


How do I sign up for a specific training session?

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-march-2020-power-together-tennessee-registration-86719332859

How can I support Women’s March? How will my contributions be used?

https://www.womensmarchtn.org/donate Your donation is used to pay for event and programming costs like venues, food, materials, porta potties, art supplies. 


What volunteer needs are there?  Can I sign up to help in a specific capacity? 


Will there be a medic tent? Will it be at HQ?

A first aid station will be present at our event Headquarters, Walnut House, 116 N Walnut St. 


Will there be security?  

We partner with Neon Guard and other community safety teams to help create and maintain a safer environment. We do not use armed security. 


Who is organizing this event?

This annual mobilization is co created by a coalition of 501c3’s, grassroots groups, and engaged individuals, coming together to build power to win on the issues we care about the most. See our coalition https://www.womensmarchtn.org/coalition. See the Women’s March Unity Principles which guides our shared work. 

What’s the point of this event?

The mission of Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers to engage in their local communities through training, outreach programs, and events. Women’s March is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect.


Media Inquiries?

Email matt@greenlightmediastrategies.com


Did We Miss Something?

Send additional questions to info@womensmarchtn.org 

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