2019 Anniversary Event

Q: How do you respond to calls that the Women’s March is anti-Semitic?

Q:What are you planning for the 2019 Anniversary of the Women's March on Nashville?

Q:How do I get to the march?

Q: Who is organizing this year’s March and Day of Action?

Q: How can my organization partner with the 2019 Anniversary Event?

Q: Where do the donations go to?

Q: How do I share why I wanted to march?

General Questions

Q: Why is “Womxn” spelled with an X?

Q: Who is on the Nashville Women's March team?

Q: Is Nashville Womxn Marching Forward affiliated with any organization or political party?

Q: I want to be able to make a long-term difference. What can I do?



2019 Anniversary Event Answers

Q: How do you respond to calls that the Women’s March is anti-Semitic?
A: The National Women’s March has been in the news regarding the team’s relationship with Louis Farrakhan.  We responded to this explicitly because we are                                           accountable to you and silence is complicity.
                       You may be aware that a national Women’s March co-chair recently attended an event with Louis Farrakhan. He unfortunately used anti-Semitic and transphobic                                   language.

                                                  We are responding to this explicitly because we are accountable to you, and silence is complicity.

                       Our message is clear, unambiguous and strong: Hate speech, in any form, is entirely unacceptable. We denounce all forms of transphobia and anti-Semitism as                                   dangerous to the safety and well-being of our communities, anti-democratic, anathema to the Unity Principles of the Women’s March, and morally bankrupt. There is

                       no place for hate speech in intersectional movement building.

                       We affirm our solidarity with our local Jewish, Muslim, trans, black, and immigrant communities, as well with people who identify as members of several of these                                     communities. We know our identities are layered and complex, just as our struggles are interconnected and interdependent. We know we must continually recommit to                         listening to each other and learning from one another. We will continue to take our lead from the collective wisdom of our local communities, and we ask that you join in                         standing up against hate speech and in continuing to have daring discussions about the ways oppressions intersect. We are working with partner organizations to                                 convene community conversations around these intersections, so that we may continue to deepen our solidarity with one another. 

Q: What are you planning for the 2019 Anniversary of the Womxn’s March on Nashville?
        A: To learn more about the event, including most recent updates, go here.

Q: How do I get to the march?

        AWe have worked with a variety of transportation providers to determine the most efficient way to drop folks at the march starting point at 600 James                                                        Robertson  Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37243, USA.

General Answers

Q: Why is “Womxn” sometimes spelled with an X?
          A: Intersectionality acknowledges that different forms of discrimination intersect, overlap, and reinforce each other, and takes into account the impact of discrimination based not only on gender but also race, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, faith, class, disability, and other backgrounds.  To learn more about

this spelling of womxn, click here.

Q: What is the purpose of Nashville Women's March? What are you trying to accomplish?
             A:Read about the mission here.  The intention of the march is to assemble in numbers too great to ignore, in order to show solidarity

and to provide support to the communities who are impacted the most by the current political climate.  There has been a huge outpouring of support and interest in volunteerism

and activism as a result of the last election cycle.  March organizers seek to plug those volunteers and activists into direct contact with local organizations that are making a                  difference in the communities at risk.  Several of these organizations will be marching in Nashville.  Marchers will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer with them and march alongside these & other Organizations.

Q: One of the goals of the Nashville's Women's March is to “create accomplices.” What does this mean?
            A: Many marginalized people who are doing the work of fighting for civil rights and against oppression prefer “accomplices” to “allies.”  Allies can align

                        themselves ideologically with a fight or movement without actually taking any action to support that movement.  Their support is in name and appearance only.
                        Conversely, accomplices are resource users, & they are defined by action – by giving time, money, skills, or materials to the movements they support.

                        In keeping with why we march,

                        To learn more about being an accomplice, click here.

Q: Who is on the Nashville Womxn Marching team?
            AThe Nashville Women's Wave is made up entirely by volunteers.

Q: Is Nashville Women's March affiliated with any organization or political party?
          ANashville Womxn Marching Forward is a non-partisan non-profit group of womxn.  For more information about the mission of the team, go here.

Q: Is Nashville Women's Wave March a 501C3?

Q: I want to be able to make a long-term difference. What can I do after the March?

         A:: To learn how you can take action and make a difference with local organizations on the front lines of this work, go here.