12:55-12:57 Sarah Hays Coomer

12:57pm-1:00 Power Together Kendra Estes, Lakeithea Anderson, Cassandra L. Anello

1:00-1:08 pmAmerican Indian Council Statement Rosy and Cathy

1:08 Maya de Vitry

1:20 AMAC Zulfat Suara

1:23 Chloe Kat of Kat Milk Blu

1:35 Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, Kathy Walsh, Executive Director

1:38 Susan Shann

1:48 Planned Parenthood Rachel Barrow

1:51 Marisa Richmond

1:54 Rachel Rodriguez

2:02 Free Hearts, Dawn Harrington

2:04 No Exceptions, Jeannie Alexander

2:06 Tisha Wilson

2:18 Rev. Leslie Traylor

2:21 Black Lives Matter Grayce Gadson, Simba Woodard, Brittany Paschall

2:27 Adia Victoria & Blairhouse Collective

2:37 Nashville Peace and Justice Center Elizabeth Barger, Lorri Mabry, Sizwe Herring

2:40 DSA Mina Shedd

2:43 Delta Rae

3:08 Enough is Enough TN Christi Rice

3:11Jackie Paul Sims

3:14 Amanda Fields

3:17 Womens March TN Youth Organizing Committee, Cas Coutermash, Ebony Cotton, Ashleigh Grindon, Sarah Seleh and Shivani Najhawan

3:23 Emerge TN Kristal Knight

3:33 Alianza Laboral Rosa Ponce AND WORKERS DIGNITY Tamika

3:36 Graduates Rise

3:48 Rabbi Shana Mackler

3:51 Dr. Kisha Simmons

3:54 Nina Mariah Donavan

3:58 Odessa Kelly