Year One: January 2017, “Power Together TN, in solidarity with Women’s March on Washington.” Our greatest dream was that our sister march would galvanize our progressive Tennessee communities in powerful and sustainable ways.  We hoped for 3k -- and 20k showed up! The march generated incredible momentum from our grassroots base, signaling a fundamental challenge by women and their allies in Tennessee and across the country to political business-as-usual. At WMTN-Power Together, we began to organize ourselves for sustainable work as an all volunteer, free association of people, coming together to be a force for good in Tennessee.
Year Two: January 2018, “Women’s March 2.0: Power Together TN.” Thanks to the support of our coalition, we sustained year one participation levels, demonstrating the community’s continued interest in an annual WM event. We have grown our coalition to almost 150 community organizations. We continue to develop our chapter and collaborate with other groups on direct actions, crisis response, phone and email campaigns, leadership development, legislative outreach, voter registration and canvassing, candidate and campaign support - and more!
Year Three: January 2019, “Women’s March Tennessee: #WomensWaveTN #PowerTogetherTN”  Join us -- our story is still being written and we want you to claim your page in the next chapter as we roll out #WomensAgenda - a bold policy platform for 2019 and 2020.